favourite songs, November.2013

Oh - it’s December already

* found on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack
¹ originally written by Roland Orzabal, Ian Stanley and Chris Hughes; originally performed by Tears For Fears


favourite songs, October.2013

Short and sweet!

Halloween is tomorrow and/or the day after, so … happy Halloween!


favourite songs, September.2013

It’s been a great month, as far as music goes


favourite songs, August.2013

Wasn’t a horrible month.

* originally written by Robin Thicke and Pharrell; originally performed by Robin Thicke


favourite songs, July.2013



favourite songs, June.2013

* shameless self-promotion


favourite songs, May.2013


* originally written/performed by ∆ (Alt-J)
** found on “Music From Baz Luhrmann’s Film The Great Gatsby”
¹ shameless self-promotion


favourite songs, April.2013


favourite songs, March.2013

* found on the “Sound City” soundtrack
** found on the “Spring Breakers” soundtrack