favourite songs, May.2014

I kind of don’t want this month to end


favourite songs, April.2014

Finally got around to some CD shopping during this past month! April has been great, music-wise.

* found on the “Divergent” soundtrack


favourite songs, March.2014

* shameless self-promotion


favourite songs, February.2014

So things didn’t go the way I’d hoped they would, but I guess that it’s okay


favourite songs, January.2014

New year, new course, new internship position … but not much new music. Maybe I’m actually busy nowadays


the year-end list, .2013

Another year gone! My personal top-ten songs playlist for 2013:

Redux Spotify playlist here.


favourite songs, November.2013

Oh - it’s December already

* found on “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” soundtrack
¹ originally written by Roland Orzabal, Ian Stanley and Chris Hughes; originally performed by Tears For Fears


favourite songs, October.2013

Short and sweet!

Halloween is tomorrow and/or the day after, so … happy Halloween!