• Jesse: I've been enlightened.
  • minuteforce: By nipples?
  • Kevin: yes
  • Ree: I think he spent the last 10 minutes looking at his nipples.
  • minuteforce: It's the only reasonable assumption.
  • Zak: lol
  • Joe: 5 minutes looking at them. 5 minutes making a list of what he doesn't like about them.
  • minuteforce: He's probably busy revising and adding to that list right now.
  • Joe: There will be a thread on NeoGAF in the hour called "My Nipples and How They Compare to the Shitty Xbox One Unveil"
  • Jesse: No. I cleansed my eyes with chocolate.

Not much going on these days ...

  • Jesse: Site is dead.
  • Jeff: Just like the dick in the oven.
  • Jesse: No, it turned into a butterfly. It's alive!
  • Serenity of Ashes: It's a miracle!
  • Jesse: yes!


  • Liz: God I'm exhausted...
  • Tim: Did you wrestle a bear, Liz?
  • minuteforce: Lay off the innuendo ;D
  • Decay: No, she just fucked Joe
  • Liz: No I went for a run xD
  • Tim: You people disgust me.

Not so Zen anymore

  • Dragonfly: I'm mediating on some Zen music. So peaceful and calm.
  • Nish: That's zexy
  • minuteforce: We're all about the zexy here.
  • Sarah: bringing zexy back
  • minuteforce: YEAH!
  • Amanda: So zexy.
  • Amanda: Ya'll muthafuckas don't even KNOW zexy like me
  • Amanda: dayum

"Dead Stuff"

  • Jesse: Can anyone here tell me who or what Linkin Park is/are?
  • Tim: I believe it's an old wooden ship from the Civil War era.
  • Decay: Idk, some band
  • minuteforce: or a Korean dignitary
  • Mark: I thought it was another name for a charley-horse?
  • Decay: I think they're gonna release a new album soon called dead things, it's about dinosaurs
  • Mark: "Dead Stuff"
  • Decay: Yeah, Dead Stuff
  • Jesse: Wood seems the most likely, thanks.
  • Jake: Dead wood? sounds naughty.

The science of ambiguity

  • Dragonfly: Okay. Let’s cooperate.
  • Dragonfly: I want you you, Minute, and Jesse to shout at the same time.
  • Dragonfly: Are we ready to begin this experiment?
  • Dragonfly: Here we go.
  • Dragonfly: 3
  • Dragonfly: 2
  • Dragonfly: 1
  • Dragonfly: GO
  • (via iknowallsecrets)

The science of deduction

  • Dragonfly: Hey I think I'm the first person who found this out. [His] name is Allan, [he] talked about leafs = gardens yesterday! Hence we have Allan Gardens. I feel so smart :D
  • minuteforce: Allan gardens?
  • Jesse: No.
  • minuteforce: Good.
  • Dragonfly: ???????????????????
  • Dragonfly: Am I wrong?
  • Dragonfly: You guys are mean, esp. Jesse. I'm abandoning you as my idol.

Happy Mother's Day!

  • Dragonfly: I just noticed my Twitter is full of your tweet and retweets >.<
  • Dragonfly: I may have to unfollow [Sarah]. I'm sorry :(
  • Sarah: Its ok :/
  • Sarah: Just means Dragonfly is unloved on Twitter.
  • Jesse: *unloved.
  • minuteforce: You mean "unloved" :*
  • Sarah: Im so confused. -.-
  • minuteforce: YOU MEAN "UNLOVED"

A wild Canadian appears! (Basically)

  • AkirraKrylon: Where all the canadians at?
  • Minus: Drinking maple syrup after a good hearty meal of poutine.
  • Minus: Eh.
  • AkirraKrylon: Poutine is so good lol
  • AkirraKrylon: Had it one time and one time only when I visited montreal, and it was amazing
  • minuteforce: Here we go ...
  • minuteforce: Tell us more.
  • AkirraKrylon: the bar i had poutine at server beer by the liter...and it was only 7 bucks.
  • AkirraKrylon: mug was bigger than my face
  • minuteforce: How old were you when you first let poutine make love to your mouth?
  • AkirraKrylon: 22 :D
  • minuteforce: Next, how did you feel at the time?
  • AkirraKrylon: immaculate
  • minuteforce: Next, how did you feel afterward?
  • minuteforce: What did you feel? What did you think?
  • AkirraKrylon: Lmao idk dude haha
  • minuteforce: Were you pleased? Frightened? Ecstatic? Disgusted?
  • AkirraKrylon: yes no yes and no
  • lilj4425: Justin Bieber is from Canada.
  • minuteforce: ...

"A pirate's life for me"

  • Jesse: Swiss and Canadian studies have shown evidence that torrenting music in the U.S. has 0 percent negative effect on the music industry.
  • edflinkinp: awesome! gonna print one now and see how it goes xD
  • Jeff: I would so download a baby
  • Sarah: I download Jesse's baby all the time.
  • minuteforce: We're discussing Jesse's baby-downloading addiction now.
  • Jesse: I don't download babies, Sarah downloads babies. Kids... No.
  • Jesse: Sarah "downloads" "Jesse's" babies. Sex. "DOWNLOADING"
  • minuteforce: No piracy here. :*