minuteforce : lyrics
We're all here 'cause we've lost control.



and, hour after hour,
how will you forget?
when all the world is winding down,
will you be aware?
'cause all the world is wearing her down ...


are you glad to be home?
hear all the voices screaming below
they're always awake
losing your hold but you can't push away
can't shake the doubt
these broken thoughts, what good are they now?
whatever you learn
you just need a way to make it out

we've buried it all / under our skin
trapped here alone / by something within
we can't reconcile / the things that we want
with what we've got

will we ever be whole?
feeling so lost but we can't let it show
it's taking its toll
can't keep a hold but you can't push away
is there nothing i can say?
only that i will keep you safe


i'm surprised you survived last night
with the cameras off your devices
won't see you collide with your future
still so much to hide

just thank God you're alive
(if that's the right word)
can't get on the line 'cause something's off
you tell me it's fine; your lips can prove it
your eyes say you died

you know where to turn, don't you?
just cover your eyes from all you see
pretend it's alright, won't you?
'cause everyone's deceived

i'll try to be honest here, just hear me out
you're wasting your time around here
so where will we go when you're done lying?
where will we go? come on, come on, surprise me

you know where to turn?
know where to turn?
oh, say it's alright, won't you?
i want to believe


watch you fight off all your troubles
i never was that strong
i know there was a second chance here
but, now, it's too far gone

bring back all the times i said
it's already over
held back all the times i said
don't come any / don't come any closer

how you can be so surprised
that we could never make it right?
knowing how we were so sure
we couldn't stay here anymore

now, we're struggling to hide it all
when we're all alone
drifting endlessly between two planes
no place to call home ...

look at how we left so much
for each other / to get over
all that you can find the courage to say is
don't come any / don't come any -

i never meant to tear us down
but maybe it was for the best ...
if only you'd turn around,
if only you'd turn around

remember how we felt so sure
we couldn't stay here anymore
remember how we were so sure
this place just isn't home anymore


i guess i went too fast ... with nowhere to go
if there was ever a reason, it's not for us to know
and all the pieces fall right among the embers
the world comes back around - it's no time to surrender

just run for your life
just run - run for your life

i can't go on pretending that i had no say
i never thought we'd make it unless you had your way
but all the pieces fall right where they should
and all my dreams remain right where you stood ...

just run - run for your life

i'll see you in the distance
when all is said and done
is it so wrong to follow
when there's nothing here i want? ...

all of this, we'll throw away;
just can't escape myself
keeping up the cycle in this little piece of Hell

there's nothing much to tell in the end;
honesty, it came too late
no wounds left to mend.


is this all the time that we have left
to make things right again before we're gone?
because, all the words i couldn't bear to throw away
they're not enough tonight to keep me warm
maybe this is when i let go and start to breathe
and find strength again, somewhere far away from here
because all the things you said i could always hope to be
faded out ... but would never disappear

look at all the time we left behind
trying to make sense of things unsaid ...
pushing on as hard as we ever dared
before you know it, we're right back where we began
hoping for another chance to come / strike your heart / make you whole again
a brand-new lie for us to lead
because everything you said i could always hope to be
just a way out that never set me free

we can't live it all out here
but i'm with you all the way - i'm with you all the way
fighting off all this fear
no ... only you could make me stay


it starts to take away the anger
and it spins out of our control
and you know it's only going deeper;
we just can't be sure of what's below ...

and i feel that you're the to blame here;
as we stare, our efforts come undone
and you know there's nothing to come home to
'cause, by now, everyone is gone

and all i think about
is how we'll never light this flame again
and all we talk about
is how we'll never have this chance again;

all our dreams, they surround us,
just out of reach ...

and i know that you'll always remind me,
just move on, 'cause life is never fair
and i swear, i thought that i could save you
but, now, i think,
maybe i just didn't care


you're spinning straight out of my head
and i'll wait for you
to pull me right out of this hole i'm in

i know it's nothing
that you haven't seen before

look at us, just saying it's okay
and all we need is one another
look at us, just throwing it all away,
trying to hold ourselves together

won't you tell me it's not in vain?
reassure me
that it doesn't always end the same

but you know it's nothing
that i haven't seen before

and all we need is one more moment

just to find myself alone again

051-00-76 / minuteforce